MyforexVPS Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We try to guarantee 100% uptime on all our infrastructure, hardware and networks have multiple redundancies built in.
In the event our availability falls below our guarantees, affected accounts will be eligible for refunds in line with our SLA

PLEASE NOTE: SLA only applies to physical server hardware issues and network connection from our datacenters uptime.
VPS crashes due to resource issues or operating system error, overloading vps or misconfigurations due to user error are not eligible for claims under SLA

If your issue is applicable to SLA policy you will be informed by our support operatives and refund where necessary will be calculated and sent automatically. Information may also appear on our service status pageNo support tickets requesting claims under SLA will be entertained

In the event of an outage on our network the following rules are applied:

Approx Availability Outage Time Frame Refunded Amount*
99.99% Less than 9 minutes 10 hours
99.98% 10 – 59 minutes 20 hours
99.85% 1 – 2 hours 40 hours
99.70% 2 – 4 hours 80 hours
99.50% 4 – 7 hours 160 hours
99.00% 7+ hours 320 hours

Refunded amount is worked out as follows:  

1 Weeks hosting is 168 hours

eg for 1GB Autobroker: £2.40 / Week + VAT = £0.0143 / Hour + VAT

for a 2 hour outage, 40 hours hosting is refunded:  40 x £0.0143 = £0.57 due back to you

for a 7+ hour outage, 320 hours hosting is refunded:  320 x £0.0143 = £4.57 due back to you