Connecting to Your VPS

You must read the instructions on this page carefully, they are important to the correct operation of and access to your VPS server.
Most versions of windows come with Remote Desktop Connection Application preinstalled. If your windows does not you can install from your windows CD or download from the microsoft website.

Please note these instructions apply to the microsoft remote desktop connection (RDC) application only. If you use a third party application from ipad etc you may need to read the documentation that applies to your application. For MAC and other apple products you can get original microsoft remote desktop connection app via microsoft website or via App Store.

1. Open RDC (Remote Desktop Client) Start-> Accessories -> Remote Desktop Connection
You will see the following screen.

Click on SHOW OPTIONS do not just enter access details and connect!

2. Enter your IP address and username you will find these under ‘my account’ by logging into our website.
Tick the box ALLOW ME TO SAVE CREDENTIALS this will allow you in future to connect in seconds after opening RDC application.
DO NOT CLICK “CONNECT” YET, there are more setup steps to do!

3. Click on the LOCAL RESOURCES tab and then the MORE button at the bottom

Now you can make available to the VPS one or several of your local drives if you wish to transfer files/EAs/Scripts to VPS

Click OK when done to close this window and save.

4. Now Go Back to The GENERAL tab and NOW YOU CAN CLICK CONNECT!

5. You will see a couple of warning windows now, tick DONT ASK ME AGAIN FOR CONNECTIONS TO THIS COMPUTER on both windows and carry on with the connection







6. Now You will be asked for your VPS password (this is shown under my account on our website), Enter it into the password field and click OK

Your remote VPS desktop will now open. If you made sure allow me to save credentials was ticked in the first step in future you will not need to do any of these steps and can just click connect.

If you have any problems when first using our VPS servers then please consult the knowledge base or open a support ticket and we will be happy to give you further instructions where required.

You can leave software applications ie Your Metatrader running on the VPS by closing the RDC windows without logging off from the VPS. Either click the X at the top right of the RDC window or from the start menu of your vps START->SHUTDOWN->DISCONNECT

You will resume your session on next RDC to the VPS – Save you connection details so you always connect easily in future.

Each RDC session alone uses about 20mb memory minimum. If there is not enough memory available, you will not be able to connect to your VPS without either raising the memory limit, closing running processes or rebooting your VPS.

You can reboot/start/stop/reinstall from scratch your VPS from your VPS control panel under MY ACCOUNT on our website.
If after a reboot your VPS remains inaccessible then please open a support ticket and we will look into your issue.