Safe and secure VPS Servers for your metatrader FX platform. Hosted on our custom designed hosting platform. Secure linux based with all the features of a windows vps, blazing fast and super low latency.

Orders setup immediately and ready inside 15 minutes, allowing you to start trading quicker!

Ultra Low Latency

We host in multiple locations around the world, specifically chosen to be as close as possible to your brokers trading servers. Slippage and requotes will be a thing of the past with ultra low latency giving you the lowest possible pings to broker servers

99.99% Uptime SLA

Multiple redundant networks and servers make up our network, we aim for 100% network and hardware uptime however we have a service level agreement where we fall below these standards enabling you to get money back, please see our SLA agreement information page for more information

100% SSD Disks

We use 100% Solid State (SSD) disk drives for super reliability and blazing fast transfer speed many times faster than your average hard drive.

No Long Term Contracts

No long term contracts. All VPS are provided on a weekly rolling basis. We provide easy setup and cancellation of VPS servers directly from our website so you have total control over your account

High Speed Networks

Super fast tier 1 networks connectivity to all datacenters and each server hardware has its own dedicated 1gb network interface. Meaning the highest speed data connection to your brokers server.

Choice of Brokers

Autobroker takes the headache out of installing your platforms, we do the hard work for you and provide a VPS READY TO TRADE inside 15 minutes. Just enter your MT4 account details the first time you login and you are good to go!

Guaranteed Resources

All VPS have guaranteed and reserved resources meaning they are always there when your trading platform and EAs need them. Never be interrupted by other users being resource hogs on your hardware, no sharing of memory, CPU time or anything else.

Instant VPS activation

Your VPS setup is started as soon as payment is received so you can get trading faster. All the necessary install work is completed in around 15 minutes and you will receive access details as soon as it completes.

Dedicated IP Address

Dont end up blocked from your trading servers or a datacenter because another users bad behaviour on on a shared IP Address. All VPS come with their own dedicated IP address which will not change for the lifetime of the VPS.

Unlimited Traffic

Unlimited traffic usage on all VPS packages. *fair usage policy applies

Remote Desktop Access

Full access using any Windows Remote Desktop Connection compatible device giving you total control over your platform. There are no restrictions on EA installation or which broker you choose. Everything is made easy with our custom designed hosting platforms

Enterprise Grade Equipment

High spec hardware, 100% intel CPUs, 100% SSD disk drives, fast networks and secure datacenters are just some of the features of our enterprise grade VPS hosting

Worldwide Hosting Locations

Your trading platform and your brokers server living in harmony for ultra low latency and fast trade execution

Be in The Money Faster

We get you trading faster with our easy and efficient order process. Be READY TO TRADE inside 15 minutes on state of the art hardware and networks all at a great price!

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